Christian Zagarskas

I am a Freelance web and interactive media designer.

No job too small, no project too big : with over 6 years professional experience in all types of Multimedia and Web design, I do more than program websites, I have extended experience in every facet of Multimedia creations, from video and camera use to databases and logo or identity design I follow industry standards. The following list depicts my experience with industry standard tools.

Open source CMS systems

The Top 5 CMS (Content Management systems) I use are listed below. Joomla, Magento, ZenCart, WordPress, and zenPhoto can be installed, configured, designed and filled, typically, in less than 1 day: 12 hours. With the power of these systems programming is likely something you will never have to pay for again as you can manage them as easily as you manage your myspace account. Its that simple, WordPress even allows you to send emails containing your posts, end of story.
Need a powerful e-commerce store, blog, photo gallery and forum in 1 day? Done.

Joomla opensource CMS system. Magento opensource CMS system. uot;zenCart WordPress opensource CMS system. zenPhoto opensource CMS system.

Adobe ® Tools: Industry Standard

Adobe ® Sets the standard in interactive design tools, I am trained to use and have professional experience with the entire 'Master Collection'. Below is a list of Adobe ® Products I use:

Photoshop used on this project Illustrator used on this project Dreamweaver used on this project Fireworks used on this project Premiere used on this project After Effects used on this project Flex used on this project Flash used on this project Flash Action Script 2 used on this project Flash Action Script 3 used on this project Device Central used on this project Extention Manager used on this project

Multimedia, consisting of more than one...

I am capable of developing mobile apps for a variety of devices. Development of systems which can provide a single data source across several mobile handheld devices is essential when designing for users who could be using anything from the iPhone to the Sony PSP.
Need a mobile application, or several that work on a desktop computer, phone, and a mobile device? You are covered.

Please inquire about specific device details, using SDK kits, and simulation devices.

Multi-Lib Touch screens too!

Nui-Group pioneered an opensource software package known as "Multi-Lib" in Germany. Since then Microsoft has taken that free for all to use technology, packaged it, licensed a closed sub version, and plans to sell this package as a "Touchtable", complete with problematic software, maintenance, and "1-800 put you on hold line" for 10,000.00 a pop...

I am not the inventor of Multitouch, nor do I work for Nui-Group (In fact I can not even lay claim to the invention of a website or the internet either). Like most OpenSource applications Multi-touch from Nui-Group remains as free as changeing your own oil (if you prefer to or know how) so there are no license fees and no exclusive rights to the base application, but you may end up with something marketable depending on your idea or my production...

I can garuntee you a custom solution in person and that I work with clients individually, I am not a factory or dial by name directory. If you are interested in the offer below please contact me directly to get a consultation.

I am pleased to announce after 2 years (and independent study) of following the progress of 'Multi-Lib' that I can now offer this highly customized service to ANYONE!

Want one installed in your lobby or office? How about your home or company hallway, IN the wall? Oak, how about Cherry or laser engraved Acrylic with your logo on the front? Yes, I can pull the team to build, install, deliver, customize, and program that too...

Experience with the following devices:

  • Apple iPhone
  • Sony PSP (playstation Portable)
  • Nokia N810
  • Chumby
  • and general mobile standards for a variety of devices

Video Production

In addition to Premiere and AfterEffects, I have also spent countless hours editing in FinalCutPro 3 ® and use it when editing on Macintosh ® computers to meet production standards for Video. As well; a registered copy of Quicktime ® Pro is a must for any Multimedia expert, rendering and exporting multiple versions in multiple formats quickly is absolutely necessary.

Final Cut Pro. Quciktime Pro.

Multiple Web Browser Compliance

Browser compliance is one of the highest concerns with web browsing, trouble with css, display, and various script elements is always an issue. I take time to check every standard browser, often bouncing back and forth between a mac and pc to check display. My tactic is to start with the toughest one first: IE, and then tackle the PC/MAC issues one browser at a time. Only in the rarest of cases are special request pages not compliant, such as old browsers, fance flash tricks and 'intrA-net' programming where compliance is not a concern.

I program for compliance in the following browsers:

Internet Explorer 7 for PC Mozilla Firefox browser Opera browser Netscape Navagator browser Google Chrome browser

  • Internet Explorer 7 for PC
  • Mozilla FireFox for MAC and PC
  • Opera
  • Netscape Navagator
  • Google Chrome (beta)

Google Analitics and webmaster tools

SEO (search engine optimization) is the most important factor in web programming, I set up standard Analitics accounts, and sitemaps in webmaster tools for my 'full web site packages' for free. You will be able to track your visits and more. Remember, 'Google' as well as any search engine is a 'blind user', accessibility is the result of proper SEO...

Google Analitics and webmaster tools for SEO.

Hard Core Programming

Programming standards are a must, especially when hand-coding a custom RIA (Rich Internet Application). I am familiar with designing in several languages and making them work together:

XHTML 1.0 strict based programming. HTML transitional based programming. XML transitional based programming. PHP programming. MySQL databases. RSS feeds.

  • HTML
  • XHTML strict 1.0 and transitional
  • CSS
  • XML
  • AJAX
  • ACTION SCRIPT: 2.0 3.0 and lite
  • MySQL 3.8 through 5+
  • PHP 4 through 5+
  • RSS feeds
  • and multi lingual combos like: MySQL->PHP->XML->AS and back again...
  • Service note: I do NOT use ASP, but I will convert your page to PHP if you need.

Multiple Systems

I like to do graphics on a MAC, program and maintenance on a PC, and develop serious apps on UB. Apache server systems, XAMPP, and WAMPP are occasionally used in my production environment. I also have experience with the install and set up of MAC servers from the install disk to adding the GDimage library, it can all be done.

Windows OS. Apple OS. Unbuntu OS.


I am occasionally contracted through Shawn Omara, owner and lead designer of Ocreations. It has been a pleasure to work with this talented design firm located in Pittsburgh PA. Some Graphic design you see throughout this portfolio section is credited to Jess Mader and Jared Diffenbach of ocreations, or their graphic designers. I am primarily charged with converting their designs to code and bringing their ideas to life online.
View ocreations projects


Art Institute of Pittsburgh

I obtained an Associates of Science in Multimedia and Web Design in 2003

I obtained my Bachelors in Web Design and Interactive Media in 2009.

Art Institute Of Pittsburgh.

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Additional Qualifications

  • Experience with the following devices: Apple iPhone, The PSP (playstation Portable), The Nokia N810, and the Chumby.
  • Able to build and develop within new systems and mobile standards.
  • Experience with creating dynamic content based on MySql Query systems and linking those systems to a variety of mobile devices..
  • Experience with dynamic template systems, deconstruction and re-construction, manual installation or Fantastico Deluxe, as well as templates for those systems and the construction of new modules..
  • Dynamic Blogs; b2evolution, Nucleus, WordPress.
  • Dynamic Content Management ; Drupal, Geeklog, Joomla, Mambo Open Source, PHP-Nuke, phpWCMS, phpWebSite, Post-Nuke, Siteframe, TYPO3, Xoops.
  • Dynamic Customer Relationship; Crafty Syntax Live Help, Center Live, osTicket, PerlDesk, PHP Support Tickets, Support Logic Helpdesk, Support Services Manager.
  • Discussion Boards; phpBB2, SMF.
  • Dynamic E-Commerce; Magento, CubeCart, OS Commerce, Zen Cart.
  • Analog editing decks, DVE systems, DVC (Pro), DVC (mini), 35 mm cameras, digital SLR cameras.
  • Good knowledge of lighting and sound recording (analog and digital boards).
  • Capable of hand illustrations as well as Graphic Design for print.
  • Able to produce Multimedia Scripts.
  • Well versed in Psychological types for advertising.
  • tory Boarding, and necessary editing for Dynamic Web design, including personal maintenance, or instruction for prolonged use.
  • Workflow is action oriented and logical; understand competitive and high-pressure environments, while able to produce results within team-oriented workplaces.
  • Experienced in independent contracting, and works for Hire, able to write and negotiate a verity of multimedia contracts for small business.
  • Resourceful and practical in outsourcing for advertising campaigns in print and television.
  • Able to travel distances for meetings, or photo shoots.
  • Broad conceptualization skills in directing and staging.

Privacy Policy

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Refund Policy

As an official 2Checkout.com vendor I will issue refunds in full without the application of shipping or restocking fees, however in the case of a web design service the page or site may be subject to removal and all source files created by the designer (Christian Zagarskas) will remain property of the designer in the case of 30 days of non payment. Final source files (as in print ready vector files and operational CMS systems) will not be delivered until the final payment is received, as pursuant to the Graphic Artist Guild's professional guidelines. No arbitration is asked, none is given.

Graphic Artists Guild Member

Graphic Artists Guild Logo Christian Zagarskas is a 6 year registered member of the Graphic Artists Guild.

He follows the Ethical Guide to Pricing and Standards as set forth for Guild Members, and is a firm believer in artist rights.

100% or more of his income, from student to professional membership comes from works in the graphic arts.